Sunday, August 21, 2011

In my World

At my computer I want to write
Standing near the front of stage I rock to the music
According to my job description I am a teacher
In spite of too many birthdays I am young at heart
Throughout my life I think I’ve try to be a good friend

Behind the curtains there is the window to my soul
Chasing dreams each night during my slumber
Among the lost and gone I seek some type of release
Because of him dying I struggled to find my way
As for today I breathe
Against all odds I am a survivor
Yet, underneath it all I still don’t know who I am right at this moment
Into the future is where I’ll still be learning to be real

Without a doubt - you think I am okay
Apart from me seeing your pain – you never see mine
Among the multitude of all others - you fail to see the unadulterated me
In spite of all this – you see me as a leader
Because behind your curtain I’ll help to unearth the genuine you

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