Friday, August 5, 2011

Fickle Fanny Annie

This poem is at least four or five years old, funny, yet poignant.

Fickle Fanny Annie

Fickle Fanny Annie ought to know her taste
of the kind of guy she wants to date,
She ought not get hooked by sweet smelling bait.

Not just another pretty face,
that she allows to second base.
She needs a man, who can put her in her place,

She needs to quit picking boys, who have issues,
when they feel misused.
Then maybe she can stop stocking up on the tissues.

It’s so sad to see big boys pout,
when she starts looking for an out.
Of course, she could just move south.

It isn’t really her err,
It is not even her burden to bear.
Big Boys should be men and maybe she’d care.

But still, more often than not she gets herself into pickles,
Because she ends up treating boys like they are nickels,
Question is, is she simply fickle?

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