Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who Am I? I am…

Who Am I? I am…

I am smart and smartassy
I am three adult girl’s mom
I am my mother’s daughter

I am a green VW beetle
I am able to shift gears
And take on the road ahead

I am tall and blonde
I am over forty
And still good-looking too

I am from Wisconsin
But a Texan though & though
I am spicy food and sushi too

I am old comfy jeans and Doc Martins
I am three-wheeling on sunny winter day
I am sailing on windy lake

I am Dark Chocolate
I am Tulips
I am playing with my cat

I am a collector of Angels
I am the redecorator of my dollhouse I’ve had since I was eight
I am constantly thinking I need to lose weight

I am a book, nice to settle in with on a cold night
I am a laptop for I put words onto paper
I am sappy movies that made you cry

I am a high-school dropout
I am an ex-wife
I am a college graduate

I am someone others look up to
I am someone who loves
I am someone who makes mistakes

I am someone who learns
I am someone who teaches
I am someone special to someone

I am thankful
I am happy
With me.

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